Tetrale Group

Tetrale Group Inc. is a managing company which presently brings together two distinct geophysical software products and services capabilities that are based on proprietary, patented technology. The two Product & Service lines have tight business and technological synergies and market development opportunities.

Our major market niche is development and upgrading to the Oil & Gas industry standards of advanced technologies of advanced processing for imaging of sub-vertical geologic boundaries (TetraSeis Inc) and Seismic (numerical) Modeling (Tesseral Technologies Inc.).

Both companies have their major products and relating services in a stage of their wide-scale introduction and upgrading to the industry-scale implementations.

We have long-term experience in providing our products, relating M&S, upgrades and consulting to some major and mid-scale players in this market domain.

Tetrale Group is pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive Representation and Marketing Agreement with Nat-Frac Mapping Corporation for all of our products and services within North America. "Nat-Frac's extensive client relationship network and strong research and development team will enhance our ability to communicate our message in the territory while continuing to develop leading-edge products" stated Ivan Iantsevytch, President of Tetrale Group of Companies.

TetraSeis - advanced processing technologies for imaging subtle vertical boundaries invisible to conventional seismic processing (Duplex Wave Migration - Patented).


Tesseral - full-wave Forward Modeling for any recording geometry and geological conditions. Model building utilizing a wide variety of well and seismic information.



  •  Our main objective is to provide leading technologies setting industry standards in direct seismic imaging of sub-vertical discontinuities
  •  We deliver cost effective and continuing Maintenance & Support of our Products and Services.
  •  We have long-term experience in services of seismic data processing using DWM and following geologic interpretation.
  •  Training and Consulting can be provided on site or via secured teleconferencing sessions between Company's personnel and our Clients anywhere in the world at any time as necessary 24 X 7.


Mission Statement: To provide interesting and financially rewarding careers for our employees by building a profitable international technology oriented company that achieves rapid value growth.
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