Tetrale Group Inc. is a managing holding for member companies:

  • TetraSeis - advanced processing technologies for imaging subtle vertical boundaries such as zero throw faults and fluid filled fracture systems that are invisible to conventional seismic processing (Duplex Wave Migration, DWM - patented).

  • Tesseral Technologies - advanced forward modeling of seismic records for media of arbitrary complexity (with anisotropy, fracturing, thin layesrs, faults and intrusions) with survey design and post-processing capabilities.

Both companies have their major products and relating services in a stage of their wide-scale introduction and upgrading to the industry-scale implementations.

We have long-term experience in providing our products and services, high quality M&S, upgrades and consulting to customers of all sizes in the markets of oil and gas exploration, engineering geophysics and education.

Integrated Solution

  • We bring together complementing software products and services based on proprietary, patented technology which found applications in different facets of seismic methods and approaches.

  • Tetrale's integrated methodology combines the known geology and well-log information to build a realistic model of the actual reservoir; applies forward modelling to generate synthetic data; uses DWM processing to image faults, improve the survey and repeat.

  • By using the integrated methodology you can apply seismic methods to predict the location and intensity of fracture zones with high confidence.

  • The Product & Service lines have tight business and technological synergies and market development opportunities.

TetraSeis - Duplex Waves Migration (DWM)

TetraSeis Inc. develops leading edge commercial technologies for seismic data processing allowing to directly image sub-vertical discontinuities that are invisible to conventional seismic processing such as

  • steep structure flanks,
  • zero throw faults,
  • andfluid filled fracture systems.

The DWM algorithm uses duplex waves (multiples) to image sub-vertical reflecting objects that are invisible for conventional methods. DWM do not need special acquisition techiques or wide offsets, it uses the same depth velocity models as PSDM.

Since 2004 DWM has been tested in real projects for different conditions and proved to be successful at solving of variety of geological tasks.

Tesseral Technologies - Full-Wave Seismic Modeling

Tesseral Technologies Inc. develops commercial software packages for highly accurate wave field modeling. Based on a digital model of a complex solid body, the supplementing blocks provide various modeling solutions for seismic survey planning, processing and interpretation.

  • Our software is suitable for all kinds of geological-geophysical workflows ranging from academic research up to exploration geophysics.
  • It also can be used as a learning tool, for preparing presentations, and for estimation on geophysical projects.
  • We are continually developing and supporting new features of our software products. Training and consulting for software users is provided onsite or via our internet conferencing capabilities. Valued feedback from our client base since 2001 has been instrumental in the continuing improvement of our software.
  • Modeling Services are available.


  • answering technical questions
  • help in setup and configuration of software
  • help in resolving issues
  • contact by email, phone or via teleconferencing on demand
  • training via telecommunications
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Our experienced geophysicists are ready to provide professional consulting and recommendations at all stages of the project: from initial estimation of Customer’s data feasibility for full-wave modeling, DWM processing and data QC, to help in the result interpretation.

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We propose DWM and seismic simulation software for use under supervision of our highly experienced professional team.


We propose DWM processing and seismic simulation services.

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